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"Shelli is one of a kind.  She has a gentle nature that make you feel safe to try new things with your style.  We met on set on HBO and she has been one of my favorites since.  A unique eye and a bold force.  I love working with her and am grateful for her ability to take me out of my comfort zone."

--Skye Townsend - Actress


"If you want a beautifully designed place, you have found the right person. Shelli went above and beyond quality service, provided many great suggestions, great communication in follow-up, superb focus in aligning the design of my place in surpassing my expectations. I love my apartment and finally have a place that I can call my home."  

--J. Cooper

"My mom says I'm cute, but if it weren't for my stylist Aunite Shelli, I wouldn't be 

"ca-ute dawling!'   Not only is her attention to detail magnificent, but she gets to know her clients and their style and hits the mark every single time!  If you need an upgrade she's your girl!"

--Mykal-Michelle Harris - Actress

Tiffany Yvonne Cox, Actress

Lauren Ashley Smith, TV Writer and wife Brooke Helburn.

"I seldom provide feedback, but I felt compelled to do so in this case since the service I received from Shelli was so exceptional!  First, Shelli is a skilled expert who always does a great job.  I've worked from home for almost three years and sweatpants and t-shirts have been my uniform of choice lately.  I needed to shine at an upcoming event, so I asked a friend I've known for three decades for advice.

Since I live on the east coast and Shelli lives on the west coast, we had a thorough FaceTime session to find out what I prefer.  She then had a ton of stuff sent to my house so I could try it on at leisure.  More amazingly, I wasn't even obligated to retain the things that didn't work for me.  Not only did I have no worries about the whole thing, but I also ended up with some fantastic new items that I would never have picked out on my own."

--Christian Steele, Bestie for Life

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